Talent Management

Compensation and Benefits

1. Competitive salary package with more than 2-month salary and 10% annual raise
2. Compulsory pension, medical, injury, labor and housing insurances
3. Annual leave compliant to governmental regulations
4. Commercial accident insurance; domestic and overseas outing, annual health check
5. Provide professional training, various team-building and set up hobby groups
6. Facilitate employee to get Suzhou long-term residential certificate and Hukou.


Talent Pool


Performance Review

High ? Potential
  • New to role
  • Focus Is on enhancing contribution
  • Solid performance with high potential to make significant contributions to the business;
  • Focus is on leveraging capabilities in challenging assignments
  • Exceptional performance coupled with strong capability to drive innovative growth of business;
  • Focus is on leveraging against critical needs of business
  • Average to below-average performance with limited capacity to increase performance;
  • Focus is on evaluating fit in role; development is on improving performance
  • Solid performance for today’s business challenges; potential to maximize contribution In current business model;
  • Focus on development and maintaining required expertise
  • Strong business performance and strong day-to-day management of the business/function; management style is focused on today’s challenges;
  • Focus is on developing capability with emphasis on innovation
  • Below average performance and inconsistent behaviors;
  • Focus Is on performance management
  • Solid business performance today but with risk of falling behind due to lack of capability;
  • Focus in on developing capability with emphasis on innovation
  • Good current performance but with risk of inability to grow capabilities, expertise and future focus as required by the business;
  • Focus is on developing capability with emphasis on innovation
Performance ?
Evaluating Solid Leading the Way

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