EPS Mode

EPS Mode

Project Model

A full development project, or only a number of modules, can be out-sourced to T-Footprint
Customer provides written requirements on product features, technical essential documents for the development, criteria of deliverable’s quality, and delivery date
T-Footprint is responsible to deliver the final product, which meets previously specified criteria on aspects of feature and quality on schedule
The model is an economical solution because of the low cost nature of pure Offshore operation

Contract Model

Customer specifies needs for human resources based on project requirement
T-Footprint provides specialists to meet the requirement. All candidates are subjected to customer interviews for qualification test
The team of qualified specialists will be sent to location specified by the customer to work on the project
The cost is calculated based on the Dollars-Per-Person for the time period, plus team member’s travel expense
The customer will control all aspects of the development including all development process, quality control and timing
Due to the nature of the full onsite operation, the cost is higher than that of Project Model

Onsite/Offshore Model

T-Footprint sends personnel, which consists the onsite part of the developer team, to the site specified by Customer
The rest of the team works offshore, supervised by T-Footprint PM locally
Onsite team is responsible to conduct explanation of technical details to offshore team. The onsite team also supervises the working process and instructs the offshore team
Offshore team works under T-Footprint PM’s direct supervision locally, working on assignment made by the onsite team

SLO model

Phase 1:
T-Footprint sends a number of “Seed” engineers to Customer site. They work under Customer’s supervision and participate On-Job training.
Once qualified and approved by Customer, the “Seed” engineers take full responsibility to lead the project development to gain more experience on objective management.
Cost of this phase is calculated based on “Dollars-Per-Person” for the time period
Phase 2:
Back from the customer site, well trained “Seed” engineers lead T-Footprint team to proceed the development using Customer’s management model.
T-Footprint and Customer both take part in project execution.

BOT model

T-Footprint and Customer join force to build a development center or laboratory.
T-Footprint sends a team to get On-Job training in working environment. Customer is responsible for business management while T-Footprint team is gaining experience.
Upon T-Footprint is proved by Customer as capable of working independently, Customer purchases the center/lab based on the agreement previously made by T-Footprint and Customer.

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